september 2nd – september 8th

what a week in music it’s been – we lost loved musicians, we gained new ones, and we had some come back from their hiatus.

here’s my week in music

rip mac miller – gone too soon, too young to leave us.

remember – mac miller :

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 5.26.04 PM

“this life move’s fast, i never knew that.

yours wouldn’t have lasted,

the dirt hitting your casket, like raindrops

i swear i’ll let you know when the pain stops”

new album of the week:

nina cried power – ep

welcome back hozier;

after waiting 4 long years and listening to the same 15 songs,

he’s back.

favorite song off the album: 

nfwmb – hozier

what i’m loving this week:

happier – bastille / marshmello

another favorite new album of the week:

zoo – russ



until next time,


6 thoughts on “september 2nd – september 8th

  1. I feel so sad people are blaming Mac’s ex, Ariana, for his death like ???. We are responsible for our own lives no matter how much we invest into others and have them invest into us. So sad to lose a legend.
    RIP Mac.


  2. Have you seen Twenty One pilots have released a few of there songs for there new album, I went to go get tickets for dallas or Atlanta (have family there) but there pretty much sold out around the world!


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