bohemian rhapsody

this week, the movie bohemian rhapsody was released. (it was a great movie, and i suggest everyone go see it.) in lieu of the release, let’s talk about the iconic band: queen.

i’ve been listening to queen my whole life- i remember listening to queen’s greatest hits cd in the car with my grandparents, listening to freddie’s voice. being a singer and piano player, freddie mercury is one of my idols. he is so talented, with an amazing voice and amazing piano skills.

here’s some background on the band: queen formed in london in 1970, with freddie mercury, brain may, roger taylor, and john deacon. their album, a night at the opera, brought them international fame and success, as well as winning the hearts of people across the globe. it’s this album that brought us the iconic song, bohemian rhapsody, which stayed in the number one spot in the uk charts for 9 whole weeks.

here are my favorites:

killer queen (sheer heart attack)

written by freddie, it was their first international hit. my favorite part of the song is the piano and melodies sang by the all the members.

“she’s a killer queen
gunpowder, gelatin,
dynamite with a laser beam.
guaranteed to blow your mind”

love his coat. i want the same one plz

somebody to love (a day at the races)

the lyrics really get me in this song (and the piano. and his voice. ugh i’m a sucker for anything with piano)

“can anybody find me somebody to love?

oh, each morning I get up I die a little
can barely stand on my feet,
take a look in the mirror and cry,
lord, what you’re doing to me?
i have spent all my years in believing you,
but I just can’t get no relief, lord!
somebody (somebody) oh somebody (somebody)
can anybody find me somebody to love?
i work hard every day of my life,
i work ’til i ache in my bones
at the end of the day,
i take home my hard earned pay all on my own
i get down on my knees
and i start to pray
’til the tears run down from my eyes,
lord, somebody, ooh somebody
please, can anybody find me somebody to love?”

my melancholy blues  (news of the world)

you know me… this song is all piano and beautiful singing. of course i love it!

just listen to it. wow


don’t stop me now  (jazz)

what a fun song, it’s just so good. i’m bad at explaining myself.. it’s hard to explain queen… you just gotta hear it for yourself.

don’t stop me, cause i’m havin a good time

if you haven’t listened to more queen than bohemian rhapsody and we will rock you, i urge you to listen to more. they really are such great writers and musicians.

i also urge you to watch the live aid i’ll even link you the video 😉


rip freddie & until next time,


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