august 26th – september 1st

august 26th – september 1th

this week was weird: the first full week of school, getting in to the swing of things, trying to figure out how i will juggle living in nlr, working two jobs, and going to school full time. but you know, i have my music & long drive to help get me through the week.

this is my week in music:

what I’m loving this week:

everything rex orange county.

something about him & his voice, and the way he puts emotion into his lyrics.



song that made me feel some type of way:

happiness – rex orange county

“will you still love me when nobody wants me around?

when I turn 81 and forget things,

will you still be proud?”


song that got me in a better mood:

sir duke – stevie wonder


favorite new album:

kamikaze – eminem

welcome back, slim



until next week,



5 thoughts on “august 26th – september 1st

  1. I’m looking forward on the types of music you’ll be posting for certain moods. I need someone to guide me in the direction on what kind of music is good for certain moods.


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