christmas time is here

christmas music: some people love it- some people hate it.

i love it- only after thanksgiving of course. i’m going to tell you my favorites!

my favorite new christmas albums

tyler, the creator – music inspired by illumination & dr. seuss’ the grinch

if you didn’t already know, tyler, the creator had music in the newest grinch movie. he released this album soon after and i love it! it’s not the normal, classic christmas vibe and it’s great

lights on

“no matter how far
leave the lights on
it may take a while but i’m coming home

when the gloves come off

“i can’t feel my hands”

john legend – a legendary christmas

pretty classic christmas, with a john legend twist

have yourself a merry little christmas

my favorite classic christmas songs

the christmas song – nat king cole

it’s the most wonderful time of the year – andy williams

happy xmas (war is over) – john lennon

please come home for christmas – the eagles


merry christmas,


hozier: a tribute

this week i mainly listened to one person: hozier. he just released a new song this week, and paired with a new playlist on spotify, “this is: hozier,” this is all i wanted to listen to.

i loved hozier’s self-titled album that was released back in 2014, and after a long wait he is releasing new music now in 2018. this week i just want to go over my favorite songs. i encourage you all to give him a listen if you haven’t already! it’s great music to unwind to and relax (for me at least.)

here are my favorites:

someone new (self-titled album)

“there’s an art to life’s distractions,
to somehow escape the burning weight, the art of scraping through.
some like to imagine,
the dark caress of someone else, i guess any thrill will do.”

and so i fall in love just a little bit every day with someone new

jackie and wilson (self-titled album)

“’cause with my mid-youth crisis all said and done,
i need to be youthfully felt ’cause, god, i never felt young

she’ll know me crazy, soothe me daily, better yet she wouldn’t care

in a week (self-titled album)

“we’ll lay here for years or for hours,
thrown here or found, to freeze or to thaw.
so long, we’d become the flowers
two corpses we were, two corpses i saw.
we’ll lay here for years or for hours,
your hand in my hand, so still and discreet.
so long, we’d become the flowers.
we’d feed well the land and worry the sheep.

and they’d find us in a week,
when the cattle’d show fear.
after the insects have made their claim,
after the foxes have known our taste,
i’d be home with you, i’d be home with you.

and they’d find us in a week,
when the buzzards get loud.
after the insects have made their claim.
after the foxes have known our taste,
after the raven has had his say,
i’d be home with you, i’d be home with you



until next time,


november 4th – november 10th

it’s been a minute since i’ve updated you on the newest music i love, and what i can’t stop listening to. let tell you guys my favorites.

favorite album of the week:

abbey road: the beatles

this album has been a huge influence to me for my entire life. ever since i can remember, i’ve been listening to the beatles. abbey road is probably my favorite beatles album. i don’t know what it is about the album, but it’s one of the albums i could listen to it on repeat for the rest of my life. my favorite songs on the album include: something, i want you (she’s so heavy), you never give me your money, and golden slumbers.

golden slumbers fill your eyes


favorite song of the week:

thank you, next: ariana grande

love this song! ariana has been through so much lately. from the attack at her concert, to breaking up with pete, to losing mac. my heart really goes out to her. this song is an anthem! girlies, don’t be ashamed of your exes, they helped you grow and become a better, stronger person. love ariana for this song. side note: also love all the memes. twitter is a great place.

“wish I could say, ‘thank you’ to malcolm, ’cause he was an angel.

one taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain.

now, i’m so amazing, i’ve loved and i’ve lost, but that’s not what i see.

so, look what i got, look what you taught me and for that, i say

thank you, next. i’m so f****n’ grateful for my ex!”

thank u, next


favorite newly discovered artist of the week:

nothing but thieves

i’ve heard this band before, but never gave them a good listen. i really like their sound. my favorites songs that i’ve heard so far from them are: forever & ever more, amsterdam, and you know me too well.


until next time,


bohemian rhapsody

this week, the movie bohemian rhapsody was released. (it was a great movie, and i suggest everyone go see it.) in lieu of the release, let’s talk about the iconic band: queen.

i’ve been listening to queen my whole life- i remember listening to queen’s greatest hits cd in the car with my grandparents, listening to freddie’s voice. being a singer and piano player, freddie mercury is one of my idols. he is so talented, with an amazing voice and amazing piano skills.

here’s some background on the band: queen formed in london in 1970, with freddie mercury, brain may, roger taylor, and john deacon. their album, a night at the opera, brought them international fame and success, as well as winning the hearts of people across the globe. it’s this album that brought us the iconic song, bohemian rhapsody, which stayed in the number one spot in the uk charts for 9 whole weeks.

here are my favorites:

killer queen (sheer heart attack)

written by freddie, it was their first international hit. my favorite part of the song is the piano and melodies sang by the all the members.

“she’s a killer queen
gunpowder, gelatin,
dynamite with a laser beam.
guaranteed to blow your mind”

love his coat. i want the same one plz

somebody to love (a day at the races)

the lyrics really get me in this song (and the piano. and his voice. ugh i’m a sucker for anything with piano)

“can anybody find me somebody to love?

oh, each morning I get up I die a little
can barely stand on my feet,
take a look in the mirror and cry,
lord, what you’re doing to me?
i have spent all my years in believing you,
but I just can’t get no relief, lord!
somebody (somebody) oh somebody (somebody)
can anybody find me somebody to love?
i work hard every day of my life,
i work ’til i ache in my bones
at the end of the day,
i take home my hard earned pay all on my own
i get down on my knees
and i start to pray
’til the tears run down from my eyes,
lord, somebody, ooh somebody
please, can anybody find me somebody to love?”

my melancholy blues  (news of the world)

you know me… this song is all piano and beautiful singing. of course i love it!

just listen to it. wow


don’t stop me now  (jazz)

what a fun song, it’s just so good. i’m bad at explaining myself.. it’s hard to explain queen… you just gotta hear it for yourself.

don’t stop me, cause i’m havin a good time

if you haven’t listened to more queen than bohemian rhapsody and we will rock you, i urge you to listen to more. they really are such great writers and musicians.

i also urge you to watch the live aid i’ll even link you the video 😉


rip freddie & until next time,


fall out boy: a tribute – part 3

“am i more than you bargained for yet?”

i know you’re probably getting tired of reading about fall out boy- but i could go on and on about them. i have one more album i have to talk about that will forever hold a place in my heart.

51-hZhhgiZL._SX355_from under the cork tree is fall out boy’s second studio album, and was released in may of 2005, when i was only 9 years old. it’s hard to believe i even remember listening to the album so well. most specifically, i remember listening to sugar, we’re going down and dance, dance through the speakers of one of those old school video game rocking chairs while playing my play station 2 and enjoying life as a child. it’s crazy what you remember about your childhood- and it’s crazy to me how much fall out boy played a role in mine.

here are my favorites from the album:

nobody puts baby in the corner”

of course the name of the song is taken from the movie “dirty dancing”

“keep quiet,
nothing comes as easy as you
can i lay in your bed all day?
i’ll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake
hand behind this pen relives a failure everyday”

“a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me”


“i don’t blame you for being youbut you can’t blame me for hating it
so say, what are you waiting for?
kiss her, kiss her
i set my clocks early ’cause
i know i’m always late
the music video to this song is also worth the watch- it tells a wonderful story about pete wentz being a vampire, as well as a throwback flip phone at 0:45. (also a cameo of brendon urie for any of you panic!at the disco fans)


“to the ‘love’, i left my conscience pressed
between the pages of the bible in the drawer
‘what did it ever do for me?’, i say
it never calls me when i’m down
love never wanted me, but i took it, anyway
put your ear to the speaker and choose love or sympathy
but never both, love never wanted me”


thanks for listening to my 3 part tribute to my favorite band. i know they aren’t everyone’s favorite but that’s okay- that means more pete wentz for me to love.

long live the car crash hearts,


fall out boy: a tribute – part 2

in my last post, i talked about some of my background of my love for fall out boy, as well as my favorite album, folie a deux. i couldn’t fit nearly everything i love about them into one post, so i guess i’m going to break it into parts.

220px-Infinityonhighsince i started with folie a deux, i guess i’ll work my way backwards from there. that means next up is infinity on high. this album is very closely tied to from under the cork tree in terms of favorites. released in 2007, all of the music was written by patrick, and lyrics were pete (which isn’t new or surprising, pete writes nearly all of the lyrics to the songs). the band has a different sound than before by adding new instruments and sounds to their music, including some collaborations with babyface and jay-z.

here are my favorites:

thriller (ft. jay-z)

“[Jay Z:]
what you critics said would never happen.
we dedicate this album to anybody, people said couldn’t make it.
to the fans that held us down till everybody came around.
welcome, it’s here! …

so long live the car crash hearts 
cry on the couch all the poets come to life
fix me in 45″

this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race

the beginning of the music video is the ending of the dance, dance music video. iconic. (also this is the pete wentz i fell in love with. look at that eyeliner. ah) i’m just going to attach the url to the video here.


thnks fr th mmrs

yet another iconic video- this one even features kim k. two of my favorite things together in one video. also there are monkeys directing the video. how can you not love them? wow fall out boy is great. sorry, i’m letting my feelings get too much into this. here’s the link (also peep the nokia phone – major early 2000s vibes)

enjoy x2

my other favorites are actually on the b-side of the album.


meaning, “gay is not a synonym for shitty,” a quote made by pete wentz. love

“trade baby blues for wide-eyed browns
i sleep with your old shirts
and walk through this house in your shoes,
i know it’s strange.
it’s a strange way of saying
that i know i’m supposed to love you

enjoy x3 – please listen. it’s one of my favorite songs ever thx

i think that’s enough for this week.

long live the car crash hearts,


fall out boy: a tribute

a tribute to my favorite band: fall out boy

it’s christmas morning in 2008, and i open a gift- it’s fall out boy’s cd, folie a duex. i remember playing that album on my stereo, on repeat- over and over and over.

rewind to 2007- infinity on high was released. i played the thnks fr th mmrs and this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race music video on repeat on youtube, when youtube was only 2 years old.

rewind again to 2005- a young 9 year old kid, i remember listening to sugar, we’re going down and dance, dance on a now that’s what i call music cd (from my portable cd player of course).

i know every word to every album. i grew up loving them, and they have grown with me- for goodness sake, they were formed when i was only 5 years old. fall out boy will forever hold a dear place in my heart, and i have no shame about it.

pete_wentz3_by_r_clandestinthis week, i was able to see my sweet babes for the 6th time in concert. that’s right- 6th time! and this time i was the closest i had ever been. i was second row, and on pete’s side! i actually shed tears when they walked out.

side note: pete wentz is of course my favorite member. my favorite pete was obviously circa 2007- eyeliner and all.

the concert was great as always, but i definitely miss hearing all of the old songs. now they have so many hits and so many newer albums that they only play the huge hits from the first few albums.

i could obviously talk about them forever, but i’m going to highlight some of my favorites.



favorite album: folie a deux

folie a deux translates to “a madness shared between two,” and was fall out boy’s fourth studio album and has sold over 449,000 copies in the us alone.


favorite songs from the album:

what a catch, donnie

“i got troubled thoughts
and the self-esteem to match.
what a catch,”


“and it’s kind of funny
the way we’re wearing anchors on our shirts
when being anchored aboard
just feels like a curse.
my mind is a safe;
and if i keep it in we all get rich.
my body is an orphanage;
we take everyone in.
doing lines of dust and sweat
off last night’s stage,
just to feel like you”

i could keep going- but maybe i can save that for next week. part 2 coming soon, ha


long live the car crash hearts,


september 23rd – september 29th

busy busy busy!

when life gets busy, music is my way of forgetting the things that are stressing me out. just take a couple minutes to listen to a song – the average song is only 3 minutes.

here are the songs this week that took some stress away

my favorite songs of the week:

promises (with sam smith) – calvin harris

new light – john mayer

sweetener – ariana grande

“when life deals us cards
make everything taste like it is salt,
then you come through like the sweetener you are
to bring the bitter taste to a halt”


favorite new album of the week: the carter v – lil wayne

welcome back weezy! loving this album. i remember listening to lil wayne in middle school and early high school – definitely brings back good memories.


Lil Wayne

also a fun fact: lil wayne’s net worth is $150 million – more than nicki minaj, drake, & snoop dogg. damn!


until next time,


september 16th – september 22nd

do you remember?

the 21st night of september?

song of the week:

“september” – earth, wind, & fire

this week was all about throwbacks for me – it’s been a long stressful week and sometimes you just want to listen to the things you loved when you were a child. there have been studies that what you listen to between the ages of 12-14 will stick with you for the rest of your life and will change the way you listen to music for the rest of your life.

here are some highlights of the music that changed my life as a teenager and will hold a place in my heart for the rest of my life:

songs that invoked the most memories and emotions:

“writing on the walls” – underoath

“i swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place
to bridge the gap of this conscious state that we live in
and i’m short on time”

“terrible things” – mayday parade

“she said, ‘boy, can i tell you a terrible thing?
it seems that i’m sick and i’ve only got weeks.
please, don’t be sad now, i really believe,
you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
slow, so slow i fell to the ground on my knees.

so don’t fall in love, there’s just too much to lose
if you’re given the choice, then i beg you to choose
to walk away, don’t let her get you.
i can’t bear to see the same happen to you.

now, son, i’m only telling you this
because life can do terrible things

songs i’m kind of ashamed of but could sing my heart out to:


“your biggest fan” – nevershoutnever!

(anything nevershoutnever really… used to be my

favorite band. i know every word to every song)

“donttrustme” – 3oh!3

“not good enough for truth in cliche” – escape the fate

“yeah boy and doll face” – pierce the veil



stay true to your 13 year old self,


september 9th – september 16th

there are many ways to deal with this pain: choose wisely

a tribute to j. cole

“kids on drugs,

king overdosed

kill our demons”

this week, i saw one of my favorite rappers in concert for the first time.

seeing him in person just made me love him so much more; what a passionate, caring, inspiring person. he truly cares about his audience and he truly cares about the problems we still have in today’s world.

his music makes you think, he puts things into perspective, he raps about things that are happening it today’s world and he’s not afraid to talk about it.

Screen-Shot-2018-04-19-at-10.03.49-AM-1038x554.pnghis latest album, kod, is all about pain. life throws things at you, and everyone has different ways of dealing with pain. each song has different ways people deal with their pain, and other things that cause pain.

here are my favorites, the ones that hit you hard and make you think:

favorite song off the album: brackets

“better that than letting wack congressman i’ve never seen
dictate where my money go, straight into the palms of some
money-hungry company that make guns that circulate the country
and then wind up in my hood, making bloody clothes
stray bullet hit a young boy with a snotty nose
from the concrete, he was prolly rose
now his body froze and nobody knows what to tell his mother
he did good at the white man schools unlike his brother
who was lost in the streets all day, not using rubbers
so right now, he got two on the way
still sleep on covers in his mama house
she can’t take this shit no more, she want him out
on the morning of the funeral, just as she’s walking out
wiping tears away, grabbing her keys and sunglasses
she remember that she gotta file her taxes, damn”


the song i think is important in today’s world of pain: once an addict

“i wish that i could say the right words to cheer her up
i wish her son’s love was enough
i tell her, ‘mama, go to sleep’
she tell me ‘boy, hush. you better pray to god you never get your heart crushed’
i shake my head in frustration,
head to my room and i can still hear the tunes with my door shut
f*ck it though, a couple more months i’ll be gone
off to college and dorms, foolin’ myself, thinkin’ problems are gone
but now it’s 1am and my mama dialin’ my phone
i know she intoxicated and soon this high that i’m on comes crashin’ down
she lit, talkin’ drunk sh*t, i’m pissed
but i’m still all ears like basset hounds
thinkin’ to myself, ‘maybe my mama need help
don’t she got work in the morning?
why she do this to herself? …

life can bring much pain.
there are many ways to deal with this pain.
choose wisely


please choose wisely,