november 4th – november 10th

it’s been a minute since i’ve updated you on the newest music i love, and what i can’t stop listening to. let tell you guys my favorites.

favorite album of the week:

abbey road: the beatles

this album has been a huge influence to me for my entire life. ever since i can remember, i’ve been listening to the beatles. abbey road is probably my favorite beatles album. i don’t know what it is about the album, but it’s one of the albums i could listen to it on repeat for the rest of my life. my favorite songs on the album include: something, i want you (she’s so heavy), you never give me your money, and golden slumbers.

golden slumbers fill your eyes


favorite song of the week:

thank you, next: ariana grande

love this song! ariana has been through so much lately. from the attack at her concert, to breaking up with pete, to losing mac. my heart really goes out to her. this song is an anthem! girlies, don’t be ashamed of your exes, they helped you grow and become a better, stronger person. love ariana for this song. side note: also love all the memes. twitter is a great place.

“wish I could say, ‘thank you’ to malcolm, ’cause he was an angel.

one taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain.

now, i’m so amazing, i’ve loved and i’ve lost, but that’s not what i see.

so, look what i got, look what you taught me and for that, i say

thank you, next. i’m so f****n’ grateful for my ex!”

thank u, next


favorite newly discovered artist of the week:

nothing but thieves

i’ve heard this band before, but never gave them a good listen. i really like their sound. my favorites songs that i’ve heard so far from them are: forever & ever more, amsterdam, and you know me too well.


until next time,


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