fall out boy: a tribute

a tribute to my favorite band: fall out boy

it’s christmas morning in 2008, and i open a gift- it’s fall out boy’s cd, folie a duex. i remember playing that album on my stereo, on repeat- over and over and over.

rewind to 2007- infinity on high was released. i played the thnks fr th mmrs and this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race music video on repeat on youtube, when youtube was only 2 years old.

rewind again to 2005- a young 9 year old kid, i remember listening to sugar, we’re going down and dance, dance on a now that’s what i call music cd (from my portable cd player of course).

i know every word to every album. i grew up loving them, and they have grown with me- for goodness sake, they were formed when i was only 5 years old. fall out boy will forever hold a dear place in my heart, and i have no shame about it.

pete_wentz3_by_r_clandestinthis week, i was able to see my sweet babes for the 6th time in concert. that’s right- 6th time! and this time i was the closest i had ever been. i was second row, and on pete’s side! i actually shed tears when they walked out.

side note: pete wentz is of course my favorite member. my favorite pete was obviously circa 2007- eyeliner and all.

the concert was great as always, but i definitely miss hearing all of the old songs. now they have so many hits and so many newer albums that they only play the huge hits from the first few albums.

i could obviously talk about them forever, but i’m going to highlight some of my favorites.



favorite album: folie a deux

folie a deux translates to “a madness shared between two,” and was fall out boy’s fourth studio album and has sold over 449,000 copies in the us alone.


favorite songs from the album:

what a catch, donnie

“i got troubled thoughts
and the self-esteem to match.
what a catch,”


“and it’s kind of funny
the way we’re wearing anchors on our shirts
when being anchored aboard
just feels like a curse.
my mind is a safe;
and if i keep it in we all get rich.
my body is an orphanage;
we take everyone in.
doing lines of dust and sweat
off last night’s stage,
just to feel like you”

i could keep going- but maybe i can save that for next week. part 2 coming soon, ha


long live the car crash hearts,


9 thoughts on “fall out boy: a tribute

  1. The concert sounds like so much fun!! I decided to check out these songs to see if I’d heard them yet! Have you ever thought about linking YouTube or Spotify to your posts directly to the songs for the readers ease of access??


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