september 23rd – september 29th

busy busy busy!

when life gets busy, music is my way of forgetting the things that are stressing me out. just take a couple minutes to listen to a song – the average song is only 3 minutes.

here are the songs this week that took some stress away

my favorite songs of the week:

promises (with sam smith) – calvin harris

new light – john mayer

sweetener – ariana grande

“when life deals us cards
make everything taste like it is salt,
then you come through like the sweetener you are
to bring the bitter taste to a halt”


favorite new album of the week: the carter v – lil wayne

welcome back weezy! loving this album. i remember listening to lil wayne in middle school and early high school – definitely brings back good memories.


Lil Wayne

also a fun fact: lil wayne’s net worth is $150 million – more than nicki minaj, drake, & snoop dogg. damn!


until next time,


12 thoughts on “september 23rd – september 29th

  1. I truly believe that music is the best medicine a person can have. It can say how you feel when you can not say it in your own words. I know for me at least music has a deep connection to me and I really like that you notice the importance and greatness of music when it comes to how we act and how we feel.

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  2. I remember being in middle school begging my mom to take my friends and I to the store for the newest lil wayne album. His new one is so good!

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