fall out boy: a tribute – part 2

in my last post, i talked about some of my background of my love for fall out boy, as well as my favorite album, folie a deux. i couldn’t fit nearly everything i love about them into one post, so i guess i’m going to break it into parts.

220px-Infinityonhighsince i started with folie a deux, i guess i’ll work my way backwards from there. that means next up is infinity on high. this album is very closely tied to from under the cork tree in terms of favorites. released in 2007, all of the music was written by patrick, and lyrics were pete (which isn’t new or surprising, pete writes nearly all of the lyrics to the songs). the band has a different sound than before by adding new instruments and sounds to their music, including some collaborations with babyface and jay-z.

here are my favorites:

thriller (ft. jay-z)

“[Jay Z:]
what you critics said would never happen.
we dedicate this album to anybody, people said couldn’t make it.
to the fans that held us down till everybody came around.
welcome, it’s here! …

so long live the car crash hearts 
cry on the couch all the poets come to life
fix me in 45″

this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race

the beginning of the music video is the ending of the dance, dance music video. iconic. (also this is the pete wentz i fell in love with. look at that eyeliner. ah) i’m just going to attach the url to the video here.


thnks fr th mmrs

yet another iconic video- this one even features kim k. two of my favorite things together in one video. also there are monkeys directing the video. how can you not love them? wow fall out boy is great. sorry, i’m letting my feelings get too much into this. here’s the link (also peep the nokia phone – major early 2000s vibes)

enjoy x2

my other favorites are actually on the b-side of the album.


meaning, “gay is not a synonym for shitty,” a quote made by pete wentz. love

“trade baby blues for wide-eyed browns
i sleep with your old shirts
and walk through this house in your shoes,
i know it’s strange.
it’s a strange way of saying
that i know i’m supposed to love you

enjoy x3 – please listen. it’s one of my favorite songs ever thx

i think that’s enough for this week.

long live the car crash hearts,


14 thoughts on “fall out boy: a tribute – part 2

    1. SO much makes that song one of my favorites!! I love the sound, I love the lyrics. There’s a lot of speculation on what the song is about, but some say that it’s about Patrick Stump, the singer of FOB, and the lyrics “Born under a bad sign, you saved my life that night on the roof of your hotel” is about patrick stump saving pete from overdosing. Powerful, iconic. Love it

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  1. This is like the root of my existence when I was in middle school and early high school and I still have a love for then! They came to Little Rock recently, I hope you went! I wish I would have!

    Liked by 1 person

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